Why Choose IV National


  • Using the latest in ultra-sound technology for insertions and EKG technology for placement confirmations, our staff are all expertly trained in the safest and most modern vascular access techniques based on the latest CDC, AVA and INS guidelines, research and evidence-based practices to provide a safe and pleasant service to our clients and patients.
  • The catheters we use are of the very best available on the market and include better flow and anti-thrombotic properties to minimize any need for re-insertions and other Picc and Midline associated risks for our patients.
  • Out staff are experts in insertion and management of PICC, Midlines and peripheral IV’s. They are professional, gentle, safe and compassionate.
  • We invest diligently in our patients and clients and are fully electronically integrated through the use of IV Centric, a dedicated vascular access software application.  This application allows for seamless documentation, monitoring and communication between our nurses, hospital / nursing home medical staff, pharmacies and providers.